soiree fragrances

here's the selection for your customized order. depending on the quantity of your order, you can pick up to three scents. 


bartlett pear: one of our bestsellers! delicious juicy pear. more on bartlett pear here.

citrus cilantro: a clean, crisp blend of citrus and herb, with a hint of green tea.

nectarine mint: nectarine blends with peach, while middle notes of lemon, melon and strawberry base themselves on a floral musky mint. more on nectarine mint here.

seaglass: a fresh, ocean scent blended with woods and citrus. more on seaglass here.

storm fresh: loved by boys and girls alike for its clean, unisex scent. hints of jasmine and carnation blend with fruit and wood notes. more on storm fresh here.

teakwood spice: a woodsy masculine scent with notes of sandalwood, tobacco, amber and musk. more on teakwood spice here